Song Request

Thank you for visiting my site!

Leave me a reply (at the bottom) with the title of the song that you wish to be translated to English/Chinese.

Both Chinese and English songs are welcome. PinkOlifant will try my best to translate them 🙂

56 thoughts on “Song Request

  1. Please translate “If Our Love Is Wrong” from Calum Scott. I really love you a lot! Thank you so much for everything you do!


  2. 林憶蓮 [ 沙文 ] and A-lin[有一种悲伤]please! Thank you 😍
    (Ignore the previous comment haha idk how I pressed it)


  3. 別 by 薛之謙
    渡 by 薛之謙 (I’m racking my brain trying to understand both the song and the MV)

    Thank you for a beautifully helpful site!
    (also, unsure my previous comment sent because of log-in issues)


  4. hello!!! thank you so much for your kindness.. could you translate萌寵男友 by 何優冉? i lately do subbing for this song but since i’m lack in english and chinese i need someone to look into my sub. if you don’t mind. thank you.


  5. Would you mind translating 为你而来 by 袁娅维 (梦回 OST)? I’m currently obsessed with this song and want to understand the lyrics. Thank you very much for your help.


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