MINT (Museum of Toys)

Address: 26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382

Opening hours: 9.30am – 6.30pm

Alighted at City Hall MRT Station, followed Google Maps and reached MINT after about 10 min walk.

Ticket can be bought at level 1 (Adult: SGD16.05, inclusive of 7% GST). You’ll be given a Museum Guide and recommended to start from level 5.

In the lift.

MINT, which means perfect, as if new, curated 8500 toys for display since it’s opening in 2007. The entire museum is dim as light causes the colours of toys to fade. This actually made the museum feels pretty dingy, especially when I visited during the non-peak hours of a weekday. The eyes and sizes of toys looked enlarged haha.

Reason for the dim lighting.

Level 5: Outerspace

Level 4: Characters

Over hundred of smurfs!

Tin Tin and his dog.

Level 3: Childhood favourites

Bruce Lee.
Popeye walking up the stairs with me.

Level 2: Collectables

Always amazed by those who can strum guitar with left hand.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” -Chaplin

Level 1: MINT Shop

They say that a toy becomes unique once you own it.


路过人间(郁可唯): English Translation


郁可唯 (Yisa Yu)
路过人间 (Walking by the world)
作词 / Lyricist:施人诚  (Derek Shih)
作曲 / Composer:张简君伟 (Alex Chang Jien)
编曲 / Arranger:Jerry C
Taiwan Drama Series 【The World Between Us】Interlude


嘿 意不意外 她背影 那么轻快
Hey, are you surprised? Her back view had vanished in the crowd
嘿 要明白 人会来 就会离开
Hey, you have to understand, people come and go

世上唯一不变 是人都善变
The only constant is change
路过人间 爱都有期限
Walking by the world, all love has a due date
天可怜见 心碎在所难免
Heartbreak is inevitable
Will heaven pity us?

以为痛过几回 多了些修炼
Believing that being through a few lives of pains and regrets, experience could be gained
路过人间 就懂得防卫
One would learn to defend while walking by the world
说来惭愧 人只要有机会 就又沦陷
What a shame, once given the opportunity, one would still fall into the hands of degeneracy

嘿 别再猜 她可曾 想过回来
Hey, stop guessing if she had thought of coming back
嘿 醒过来 你很好 她也不坏
Hey, wake up, you’re a good one but she’s not a bad person either

快快抹干眼泪 看昙花多美
Quick, wipe away your tears and look at that night-blooming epiphyllum
路过人间 无非一瞬间
Walking by the world, everything happens in a moment
每段并肩 都不过是擦肩
We come together, to leave each other

曾经辜负哪位 这才被亏欠
To whom have you let down?
To whom are you forever indebted?
路过人间 一直这轮回
Walking by the world, reincarnation will continue
幸运一点 也许最后和谁 都不相欠
Perhaps if we were lucky enough, we would end up not owing anyone
Everyone wouldn’t owe anyone

人对爱和永远 应该有幻觉
Humans might have wild imagination of love and forever
路过人间 也才几十年
Walking by the world, merely for a few decades
却为了爱 勇于蹉跎岁月
Therefore, we willingly let our time be consumed by Love

相遇离别 贪瞋爱痴怨
Meeting and separation,
Greeds, hatred, love, obsession and resentment
路过人间 就忙着这些
Walking by the world, we made ourselves busy with the above
谁有意见 莫非是心里面 渺无人烟
Or is it not?
Could it be that our hearts are simply empty?
无人可恋 来这人间 有多浪费
And it’d be such a waste to walk by the world without loving anyone…?

Translated by PinkOlifant.

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