Happy birthday to you PinkOlifant!

Have not been blogging for quite some time as school has really occupied (and it’s still occupying) most of my time. Report after report, project after project.

Happy to have received many well wishes from my family and friends. Even though it’s just another day, it’s really good to know that your friends actually remember you. After each crossing, friends may remain friends on social media, but you know some friends will drift apart, their posts will appear lesser and lesser on newsfeed (you only have that amount of time to scroll through it everyday and social media hopes that you see the posts from your closest ones), and one day when you meet him or her on the street, you two may not even recognize one another.

So, it’s really good to know that they are still aware and acknowledge your existence. And it’s a good opportunity for you to glance through who they are and peep a little at their timeline to try and catch up a bit with their lives.

Life being life, people come and go. You and I too.






-五月天《一颗苹果》;作词/作曲:五月天 阿信




2016年快到了,想必很多人都会为新的一年许下一些希望自己能完成的New Year Resolutions,让自己觉得有一个重生的机会。













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Life is a bore, so let me waste it further by writing some insignificant things.

We are nearing the beginning of the year 2016, many would start setting new New Year Resolutions. This action has seemed to become a ritual of rebirth.

January: Hard work is essential. However, it would still be fine as there are still 12 more months for us to reborn, take it easy shall we? We shall.

February: We shan’t neglect the strong gravity pull from our beds, smartphones, computers, televisions, dates etc. Alright, just one more month that we will allow laziness to drag us down. In any case, as the Chinese says, 10 months are sufficient for a baby to be born!

March: Chinese New Year has just ended. It has been really exhausting to visit relatives and friends during this festive season. It’s time to treat ourselves to the heaven of slackers.

April: Summer is no joke. The extreme hot weather has interrupted my thoughts and caused me to lose my focus in everything I do. The Sun is to be blamed. We shall let it “chill” before we go full force.

May: Mayday! Mayday! Help is needed. SOS.

June: Well, we know that we can’t finish all the resolutions that were set half a year ago. Perhaps, cutting them down by half could push us into completion of the remaining half.

July: Hungry Ghost Festival. We shall listen to our mums, stick to the traditions and stay at home diligently. Safety comes first.

August: Please tell us what did the lecturers said during class? Zero idea. Hi-five. Guess it’s time to really revise.

September: Facebook, movies, drama series, outings, gatherings…yes, catching up to the latest fashion is more important than resolutions. Period.

October: Why do all our friends’ birthdays fall on October? Alright, we got to celebrate.

November: Examination results determine your life. We shall not let our loved ones down. Fighting!

December: It’s Christmas! What’s more important than gifts exchange, decorating the Christmas tree, and slaughtering turkey! Hey, it’s time for the New Year Resolutions! Second chance given to accomplish them. Setting New Year Resolutions are so meaningful 🙂