Singtel WiFi Mesh (AirTies: 1600 Mbps Wireless Booster Air 4920)

The journey of getting a pair of WiFi Mesh.

Re-contracted with Singtel 1Gbps Fibre Home Bundle (24 mths). Upon using it for close to a month, we could not take the frequent disconnection at the various dead spots/corners. Therefore, we decided to purchase a pair of AirTies Air 4920 units (also known as WiFi Mesh) at the cost of SGD10 per month (24 mths).

Adding on the two AirTies units on top of the Singtel Fibre contract isn’t too difficult. You just need to spend one to two hours queuing at any Singtel stores. Get a queue ticket and walk around the mall. You can opt for SMS notification when the queue is approaching your number.

In the box, which you will receive upon subscription,you will see two AirTies units, 2 Ethernet cables, and two power adapters. On top of these, you will see a Quick Installation Guide.

The Quick Installation Guide is too ‘quick’ and not idiot proof enough. So here’s the Dummy’s Guide!

AirTies for Dummies

1. Remove the transparent plastic sheet that is covering both AirTies. (If not the units will get too hot and melt the plastic, one day.)

2. Connect the power adapters to both units and insert them into a power point (plug) near your Singtel Optical Network Terminal.

3. Connect one of the units to the Singtel WiFi Router with the Ethernet cable.

4. Turn on both units. (You will see white light on both units, it means they are being switched on.)

5. After a few minutes, you will see green lights flashing for both 2.4GHz led and 5GHz led.

6. To check if the internet connection is working, connect any mobile device to the new wireless network (please refer to the bottom of the AirTies units for network name and password. Network name and password are the same for both units).

7. Once connected to the new wireless network, you may unplug the unit which is not connected with Ethernet cable and relocate it to somewhere else at your home. (Most likely a location with dead spot as that is the purpose of you purchasing the AirTies.) Remember to switch the unit on after relocation.

8. Now, when the new network connection is working perfectly fine, you may choose to customize your network by changing its network name and password. With any device that is connected to the new network connection, visit . Default username is “admin” and leave the password field blank. On successful login, you may unleash your creativity and give your new network a wonderful name.

What happens to the other unit? Yes, it would have to be within 1.5m from the Singtel WiFi Router as it has to be connected to the router with the Ethernet cable.

Hence, if your house is large with many dead spots, it would be recommended to purchase one more unit. However, for normal HDB flats, two units would most likely be sufficient.

FYI, Page 5 of the Quick Installation Guide is pretty useful.

To add more unit(s), besides reading the Quick Installation Guide, you may wish to watch this YouTube video as well:


2 thoughts on “Singtel WiFi Mesh (AirTies: 1600 Mbps Wireless Booster Air 4920)

  1. Was trying to connect the wifi using the wifimesh but it showed no internet connection. Followed the instructions and even watch the video and its still the same. Please reply as this is getting very very annoying. Thanks.


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