Citizenship Ceremony

Finally, I have received the letter (hard copy) to attend my Citizenship Ceremony. FYI, I renounced my previous citizenship in Oct 2019, everything was pushed back due to COVID-19.

For those who wish to have a peek at the letter, here it is:


Do note the stringent dress code required and remember to bring (a) the letter and (b) your identity card / identity card collection slip!

Unfortunately for those of us who are attending the ceremony in the midst of COVID-19, we will not be provided with any food or drinks, heard from my parents who attended years back that the food was not bad :/

In any case, stay safe everyone, and hope that everything is well for you 🙂



9 thoughts on “Citizenship Ceremony

  1. Hi Pinkolifant,

    May I check if you have collected your original Singapore Citizenship Certificate?
    My renunciation was Nov 2019, planned Citizenship ceremony was Feb 2020 (was postponed to a later date due to Covid, but so far I didn’t receive any email or mail with new date).
    However, original pink IC & Singapore Citizenship Certificate were issued to me when I requested it for collection of Form ‘K’ in Aug 2020.

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  2. Hi PinkOlifant,
    Thanks for sharing very useful guidance.May I know if Malaysia High Commission officer did verify your original NRIC and Certificate of Singapore Citizenship Certificate?
    I have requested for a certified true copy of documents for collection of form I and birth certificate. Just in case they may want to verify the original? Thanks.


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