Collection of Form K & Birth Certificate

I hope that this post will smoothen your journey of collecting Form K and your Birth Certificate.
– – – – –

1. You must either receive a hard copy letter stating that your Form K (final renunciation letter) and Birth Certificate are ready for collection or you need to request an email confirmation that your documents are ready for collection. Usually the documents are ready for collection approximately 8 months after renunciation, but there might be unforeseen circumstances leading to your documents not being ready so you would not want to risk. (If you ask me if a phone call confirmation is sufficient, I would say no. However, that’s just my opinion.)


2. You do not need to book an appointment for the collection. Head down Consular Section of MHC between 2.30pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Would suggest you start queueing at around 1.45pm as there were already ~30 people in front of me when I arrived at 2pm sharp. I queued under the sun for about half an hour. (Photos below may also encourage you to bring along an umbrella and be an early bird.)

3. Bring along the following documents (Original and two photocopies each in A4 size paper):

i) Singapore IC or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
ii) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
iii) Singapore Citizenship Certificate* (photocopy front & back of the document)
iv) Deed poll / Baptism (if name has been changed / if applicable)

Also, you must bring along the letter stating documents are ready for collection. If you do not have the letter, get ready to show your email confirmation to the officer.

*If you have not received the Singapore Citizenship Certificate, please email ICA ( to request for a soft copy of the certified true copy. Two photocopies of this is needed as well.


4. At the guard house, you will have to scan QR codes for SafeEntry and Health Declaration ( (Just in case you need help for English, you can read through the questions beforehand.) And as usual, use one of your cards with your NRIC/Name to exchange for a pass to enter.

5. Go to Consular Section. You do not have to take a ticket at the ticketing machine. Just queue at Counter 1 and the officer will collect the necessary documents from you. Next, you just have to sit down and wait.

6. Waited for about 10 minutes for my name to be called. Collected Form K and my Birth Certificate after signing on a document and headed out to get back my card at the guard house.

7. Went home to scan the front and back of Form K and emailed the soft copy to ICA (

DONE! I do not think I have to return to MHC for the rest of my life!

– – – – –


This is a follow-up to my previous posts on renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship.

(1) Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship:

(2) Registration of Singapore Citizenship:

(3) Collection of NRIC & Citizenship Certificate (certified true copy):

Stay safe,
PinkOlifant (Updated as of 2020)


68 thoughts on “Collection of Form K & Birth Certificate

  1. Hi Pink, your post came in just in time for me! Today I will go to HCM to do collection for my birth certificate. Thanks all your guidance (from the very beginning to end)! Stay safe too!!


  2. Hi Pink,

    How long did it take for you to receive the letter for collection of a form K? Was the notice given to you through letter or email? I have been waiting for months now and am considering writing in already 😅

    Thank you


      1. Hi Pink, I have submitted my MY-RN1 on June 2019 and until now i didnt receive any response from them. Do you have any idea who or where I should check ah?


  3. Hi, thanks for your post. Would like to check with you regarding the submission of form k to ICA.
    Just need to email ICA for the soft copy without Sending hard copy to ICA?


  4. 8 months later collect the Borang K cum Birth Certificate? Is it the original birth certificate submitted during renunciation returned back to you only ?

    By the way, another question as the it is by letter to inform you to collect the Borang K. So what if someone like me will be moving soon?


  5. Hi pink,
    I have done everything in the previous but left with waiting for my borang K collection to come. ( I’ve done the previous steps in Feb this year) However, you mentioned that it might take longer than 8 months and my citizenship certificate is going to expire by November, is there any way I can contact the officer to extend my deadline, just in case of unforeseen circumstances.


  6. Hi
    I followed your useful info and now on my final step to get back Borang K. But Malaysia High Comm. States they need my Singapore passport (amoung other documents), which I have not applied yet. Is it okay to just bring pink IC and Singapore citizen cents but not passport?


    1. You have to apply and get your SG passport first.

      I presume you have waited approximately 8 months for the Borang K, during these months, one should have sufficient time to make a passport.

      It’s also stated that borang K just needs to be collected within 3 months from the notice/letter, so I see no reason why MHC will allow you to pass without SG passport.


      1. Hello, I emailed MHC to ask about this, it’s okay to not have SG passport! I collected my borangK with IC and cert only. Thanks for this informative blog btw! Helped me a lot so I thought I can contribute back this way. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi I have waited for 8 months for my Borang K, but I still have no news and letter received on my side. Is there any way to contact the MHC side regarding my status? Thank you.


  8. Dear all,
    May I ask if anyone has encounter a really long wait from MHC for the letter to collect Borang K and birth cert? I am in my 10th month of waiting. I emailed MHC a couple of times and each time they replied saying the process takes 8-12 months. ICA has emailed me twice now, to submit the documents. Feeling a bit jittery.


    1. I waited more than 12months, last year July 2019 until Nov 2020, never get any email or mail by them. End up I email to them and they asked me to collect FormK within 1 month.


      1. Thank you for sharing your update. That is a really long wait for almost 1.5 years! This looks like my fate too, I think. Still no news from MHC and I’m at 11 months..
        Was ICA understanding when you informed them of the delay from MHC side? 😬


  9. Hi, I am at the final stage.

    Tried to book an appointment but the high comm officer didn’t reply to my email.

    What should I do now considering that I have 2 more weeks to collect the final form?


  10. Hi all,

    I just received both letters: 1)collection of Borang K & 2)citizen ceremony on the same day. Any ideas if I should wait for the ceremony FIRST (to collect the NRIC & cert officially) THEN go to MHC to collect Borang K? Wondering if anyone else had the similar experience.

    BTW, appreciate very much all the detailed information provided by PinkOlifant regarding the whole process. It definitely saved me many many hours of mistakes especially when it comes to forms submissions. Thank you very much!


    1. Perhaps things have changed but I remember three months were given for the collection of Borang K, not a specific date.

      Citizen ceremony is usually held at the community club of the GRC one lives in, I was told it was postponed until COVID-19 situation gets better. Did they restart this tradition again?

      To answer your question, it depends on whether the two clashes in timings. If not, you can go ahead with what you’ve suggested. In any case, the collection of Borang K requires your NRIC and Singapore Citizenship Certificate.


  11. Thanks for the tip. Didn’t know must have EVERYTHING before collecting Borang K. Initially I was under the impression that one needs to submit a copy of Borang K to ICA THEN only they allow collection/citizen ceremony.

    Anyway, in my case, the ceremony will be held at a CC on 2 Jan 2021 (maybe by then Phase 3 already?) but no guests will be allowed in. No refreshment even. Short speech, call name, give cert, chop chop I presumed..

    So will probably collect everything then head over to MHC to avoid typical Msian-style turnaway hassle. Thanks! 😛


    1. You can refer to this post you’ve commented on for the documents needed to collect Borang K.

      Usually collection of Borang K takes at least 8 months and meanwhile, citizenship ceremony would occur in between these 8 months. However COVID-19 changed everything haha

      Thanks for reading my blog 😊


  12. Hi all,
    I just received a reminder to submit the borang K to the ICA. After checking around, I realise the consular send me an email for collection instead of a letter (which i was expecting) almost 1 year back! Does anyone know if My borang K is still safe to collect.😭


  13. Hi thanks for replying so quickly.
    Did send an email to them, am waiting for their reply as we speak. Hopefully they’ll be able to reply soon.
    Do you happen to know if an appointment is necessary for my situation?


  14. Hi PinkOlifanf, really appreciate your time to list all the important details for our reference, I printed the FORM K from your page and fill up my details, reviewed and approved by the officer without need to fill up fake form on the spot again. I follow exactly your steps and today I have successfully complete stage 3.
    Maybe worth remind your reader that the need to photocopy both MYRN1 form + birth cert. I made a mistake for not photocopy the birth cert with MHC stamp.

    Just one more question, do you need to update bank, insurance company about your citizenship?


  15. Received a “warning letter” from ICA dated 4th Jan 2021, received physically on 6th Jan stating that they haven’t received the approved Form K from me after > 1.5years(Solemnised June 2019). Chop chop emailed MHC on 6th Jan and then received a confirmation to collect Form K+Birth Cert on 9th Jan. Prepared all the necessary docs as stated on the email and headed down to MHC on 12 Jan. Went to consular office, submit all docs, pending for your names to be called, collect and sign/acknowledge and eventually bye bye to MHC. Reached home >> Scanned and sent to ICA.


  16. Hi PinkOlifant,
    Just wanted to thank you for writing such detailed posts for the renunciation and everything. I recently renounced my Malaysian citizenship and am waiting for the final letter of renunciation (Borang K). The MHC really isn’t very clear on how proceedings should go. It’s good to know I don’t have to make an appointment or rush to collect the final letter!
    Have a nice day!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Hi Pink,
    I received the soft-copy of certified true copy of citizenship certificate from ICA. Is the printed certified true copy of citizenship certificate acceptable by MHC during the collection of Borang K? Or the original certified true copy of citizenship certificate is required?


  18. Hello! I’m currently waiting to collect Form K from MHC and it has been around 8 months (since last Sept). I have already emailed MHC and they have yet to get back to me. Should I email them again? Thank you!


  19. Hi, I receive the letter from High Comm Malaysia asking me to go and collect my kform and birth certificate. However I need to have a certified copy of Singapore citizen certificate and Singapore NRIC.

    I emailed to ICA as per your guide. They told me I cannot take my NRIC physical card but they send me both certified soft copy of my Singapore NRIC and Singapore citizen certificate.

    Do you know it’s suffice? Or the officer at High Comm will still required me to show them physical Singapore NRIC?


  20. Hi, I received my Borang K which is completely in Malay, but noticed on the ICA website that it requires all documents submitted to be in English. May I know if you received a Malay or English Borang K? If you got a Malay one, did you have to get it translated or you could submit it as it is?

    Thank you for your help in advance. 🙂


  21. Hello! When I submit my Form K to ICA through email, is there any other information that I need to provide ICA with or I can just send an email with the Form K attachment. Thank you! 🙂


  22. Hi hi,
    Just to confirm, I just need to bring MY-RN 1 form to ICA for appointment? BORANG K will be later part?

    Thank you


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