Collection of Form K & Birth Certificate

I hope that this post will smoothen your journey of collecting Form K and your Birth Certificate.
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1. You must either receive a hard copy letter stating that your Form K (final renunciation letter) and Birth Certificate are ready for collection or you need to request an email confirmation that your documents are ready for collection. Usually the documents are ready for collection approximately 8 months after renunciation, but there might be unforeseen circumstances leading to your documents not being ready so you would not want to risk. (If you ask me if a phone call confirmation is sufficient, I would say no. However, that’s just my opinion.)


2. You do not need to book an appointment for the collection. Head down Consular Section of MHC between 2.30pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Would suggest you start queueing at around 1.45pm as there were already ~30 people in front of me when I arrived at 2pm sharp. I queued under the sun for about half an hour. (Photos below may also encourage you to bring along an umbrella and be an early bird.)

3. Bring along the following documents (Original and two photocopies each in A4 size paper):

i) Singapore IC or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
ii) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
iii) Singapore Citizenship Certificate* (photocopy front & back of the document)
iv) Deed poll / Baptism (if name has been changed / if applicable)

Also, you must bring along the letter stating documents are ready for collection. If you do not have the letter, get ready to show your email confirmation to the officer.

*If you have not received the Singapore Citizenship Certificate, please email ICA ( to request for a soft copy of the certified true copy. Two photocopies of this is needed as well.


4. At the guard house, you will have to scan QR codes for SafeEntry and Health Declaration ( (Just in case you need help for English, you can read through the questions beforehand.) And as usual, use one of your cards with your NRIC/Name to exchange for a pass to enter.

5. Go to Consular Section. You do not have to take a ticket at the ticketing machine. Just queue at Counter 1 and the officer will collect the necessary documents from you. Next, you just have to sit down and wait.

6. Waited for about 10 minutes for my name to be called. Collected Form K and my Birth Certificate after signing on a document and headed out to get back my card at the guard house.

7. Went home to scan the front and back of Form K and emailed the soft copy to ICA (

DONE! I do not think I have to return to MHC for the rest of my life!

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This is a follow-up to my previous posts on renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship.

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Updates [Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship]

Thank you everyone who has posted questions related to problems they face while renouncing Malaysian Citizenship, as well as getting their Singapore IC and certificate, during this COVID-19 period. And many thanks to all readers who actively tried to help one another out, your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience, I believe, will be greatly appreciated by all whom you have lent a helping hand.

After reading this post, I hope that you have a clearer picture of:
(1) How to collect Singapore NRIC
(2) How to obtain certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate
(3) How to collect Form K (final renunciation letter) & Birth Certificate

(1) Collection of Singapore Identity Card (NRIC)

Thank you one of the readers who updated me that she has emailed ICA to check on the collection of her NRIC. I followed her footsteps and emailed ICA (

I received a reply a few days later saying that I have been granted permission* to enter ICA Building on a certain date to collect my NRIC while collection of Singapore Citizenship Certificate will be advised on a later date.

*Some readers received their NRIC via snail mail even before the general election.

The entire collection process took about 30 minutes. Asked about the Singapore Citizenship Certificate and they told me that it can only be collected during the ceremony which we will be informed on a later date.

(2) Certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate

For those who need a certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate for the collection of Form K (final renunciation letter) at MHC, you just have to write to ICA ( and request the soft copy of it via email. MHC does not require the original citizenship certificate.

(3) Collection of Form K (final renunciation letter) & Birth Certificate

I have received a letter stating that my application for renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship has been approved. Also, I have to personally go down to the Consular Section of MHC between 2.30pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday, to collect both Form ‘K’ and my birth certificate.

I have to bring along the following documents (Original and two photocopies each in A4 size paper):

i) Singapore IC or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
ii) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
iii) Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front & back of the document)
iv) Deed poll / Baptism (if name has been changed / if applicable)

Collection has to be done within three months from the date of the letter (booking of appointment is NOT needed).

For more details on the collection of Form K and Birth Certificate, please proceed to this post (

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Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship


Ha! Gonna expose my previous citizenship. Browsed through the web but many blog posts were outdated, so here you go.
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[UPDATES (as of 3 Aug 2022)]

From 1 July 2022 onwards, you may walk in for Consular services (except passport and visa matters) without prior appointment from Monday to Friday, 8am to 11am.

Applicants without Malaysian IC or any surrender letter from the High Commission during minor renunciation, kindly proceed to the National Registration Department (NRD) in Malaysia for the renunciation application.

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(The best way to read the following instructions? Numbers represent steps to be taken in order while alphabets represent the number of documents needed.)

  1. When you receive the ICA Approval Letter which states that you are at the Final Stage, you may continue to read.
  2. Before heading to the Malaysia High Commission, please read this document carefully (find forms here:


    Documents to be submitted
  3. a) Borang K (Yellow Form / Form K):
    Borang K page 1
    Borang K
  4. IMG_1654
    Form K (first page) [translated]


    Form K (second page) [translated]
  5. Nearly fainted when I saw the Malay words, so here is the translated version to save your time! Print it out, fill up once at home so that you can bring down and copy on the spot. They won’t accept your printed copy because they have their YELLOW version of the form.
  6. b) Form (MYRN1):
    Print the first page will do, fill up once at home so that you can bring down and copy on the spot. The form that they gave me only had the first page. I guess they finally realise knowing so much about you is useless since you are no longer their citizen. They may update the form so your printed copy may once again not be accepted.
  7. c) ICA Letter of Approval:
    The one stating that you are at the FINAL stage.
    Original + 2 photocopies (although they only took one of mine…)
  8. d) Malaysian IC: Original + 2 photocopies
  9. e) Singapore IC: Original + 2 photocopies
  10. f) Birth Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies (If you were born in Singapore, please read “Documents to be submitted” carefully.)
  11. g) If you were born before 31 Aug 1957, will require your Malaysian Citizenship Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies
  12. h) Singapore Citizenship Certificate & Passport: Original + 2 photocopies (If you don’t have it’s perfectly fine because I didn’t too. Was so confused but I guess the order of application wasn’t the same for everyone.)
  13. i) Malaysian International Passport: Original
  14. j) THREE recent passport-size photos with white background: Would suggest just get this done at the ID photo booth located in the Malaysia High Commission. $8 for 4 photos. Well, this photograph will not appear in your IC or your passport, it’s alright even if you look terrible. [Photo-taking Service at MHC has temporarily ceased due to COVID-19 situation, please prepare your photos before heading to MHC for renunciation. (Updated as of 10 July 2020)]
  15. k) $10 cash for registration fee.
  16. Make your way to the Malaysia High Commission (Mon-Fri, 8.15am – 11.30am). It’s a long walk from even the nearest bus stop, might want to consider taking a grab ride over. If you want to save money, use Google Map. The nearest MRT station is Redhill. Take bus 32/64 over.
  17. At the guardhouse, use one of your cards with your NRIC/Name to exchange for a pass to enter.
  18. Go to Consular Section. There will be person sitting near the entrance where the whole world will ask him questions. Tell him you are renouncing your citizenship, he will pass you a fake Form K and Form MY-RN1. The fake Form K is to ensure that you have filled the blanks up correctly before they waste their precious YELLOW Form K on you. Remember to write everything in BLOCK LETTERS and with their BLACK PEN (actually it’s just a normal 0.7 black pen…maybe they are afraid you will use a 0.37 red pen so they provided plenty for you)
  19. After filling up whatever the person passed to you, show him/her and he will pass you two YELLOW Form K to fill up AGAIN.
  20. Once you are done filling up forms again, show the same person, he will ask for all your photocopies and clip them together. Next, he will ask you to take a queue ticket on your own.
  21. While waiting for your turn, you can pop over to the ID photo booth nearby to take your photo. Prepare your original Malaysia passport, IC and birth certificate too.
  22. When it is your turn, submit, stand, and they will ask you to wait for your number to be called again for payment.
  23. Make payment and they will give you a slip of paper asking you to return after 3 working days (date will be stamped) between 2.30pm to 4pm to collect your documents.
  24. Swee, get out, collect your card which you have swapped for the visitor pass and you are free to go. Just remember to return on the specified date to collect your documents (usually three working days later)!

When you return to MHC three working days later, you will receive MYRN-1 which will be needed for the registration of Singapore Citizenship at the ICA. Form K, which is the final approval letter, will only be ready for collection 8 months after renunciation. You may visit related posts (links below) for further information.

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