Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship


Ha! Gonna expose my previous citizenship. Browsed through the web but many blog posts were outdated, so here you go.
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Due to COVID-19, consular section is temporarily closed from 26 March 2020 till further notice. An appointment MUST be made before heading down.

[MHC Contact Info]

Contact number: 68876231/68876230

Email address:

(Thank you Reader Amy for the information!)


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(The best way to read the following instructions? Numbers represent steps to be taken in order while alphabets represent the number of documents needed.)

  1. When you receive the ICA Approval Letter which states that you are at the Final Stage, you may continue to read.
  2. Before heading to the Malaysia High Commission, please read this document carefully (find forms here:


    Documents to be submitted
  3. a) Borang K (Yellow Form / Form K):
    Borang K page 1
    Borang K
  4. IMG_1654
    Form K (first page) [translated]


    Form K (second page) [translated]
  5. Nearly fainted when I saw the Malay words, so here is the translated version to save your time! Print it out, fill up once at home so that you can bring down and copy on the spot. They won’t accept your printed copy because they have their YELLOW version of the form.
  6. b) Form (MYRN1):
    Print the first page will do, fill up once at home so that you can bring down and copy on the spot. The form that they gave me only had the first page. I guess they finally realise knowing so much about you is useless since you are no longer their citizen. They may update the form so your printed copy may once again not be accepted.
  7. c) ICA Letter of Approval:
    The one stating that you are at the FINAL stage.
    Original + 2 photocopies (although they only took one of mine…)
  8. d) Malaysian IC: Original + 2 photocopies
  9. e) Singapore IC: Original + 2 photocopies
  10. f) Birth Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies (If you were born in Singapore, please read “Documents to be submitted” carefully.)
  11. g) If you were born before 31 Aug 1957, will require your Malaysian Citizenship Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies
  12. h) Singapore Citizenship Certificate & Passport: Original + 2 photocopies (If you don’t have it’s perfectly fine because I didn’t too. Was so confused but I guess the order of application wasn’t the same for everyone.)
  13. i) Malaysian International Passport: Original
  14. j) THREE recent passport-size photos with white background: Would suggest just get this done at the ID photo booth located in the Malaysia High Commission. $8 for 4 photos. Well, this photograph will not appear in your IC or your passport, it’s alright even if you look terrible. [Photo-taking Service at MHC has temporarily ceased due to COVID-19 situation, please prepare your photos before heading to MHC for renunciation. (Updated as of 10 July 2020)]
  15. k) $10 cash for registration fee.
  16. Make your way to the Malaysia High Commission (Mon-Fri, 8.15am – 11.30am). It’s a long walk from even the nearest bus stop, might want to consider taking a grab ride over. If you want to save money, use Google Map. The nearest MRT station is Redhill. Take bus 32/64 over.
  17. At the guardhouse, use one of your cards with your NRIC/Name to exchange for a pass to enter.
  18. Go to Consular Section. There will be person sitting near the entrance where the whole world will ask him questions. Tell him you are renouncing your citizenship, he will pass you a fake Form K and Form MY-RN1. The fake Form K is to ensure that you have filled the blanks up correctly before they waste their precious YELLOW Form K on you. Remember to write everything in BLOCK LETTERS and with their BLACK PEN (actually it’s just a normal 0.7 black pen…maybe they are afraid you will use a 0.37 red pen so they provided plenty for you)
  19. After filling up whatever the person passed to you, show him/her and he will pass you two YELLOW Form K to fill up AGAIN.
  20. Once you are done filling up forms again, show the same person, he will ask for all your photocopies and clip them together. Next, he will ask you to take a queue ticket on your own.
  21. While waiting for your turn, you can pop over to the ID photo booth nearby to take your photo. Prepare your original Malaysia passport, IC and birth certificate too.
  22. When it is your turn, submit, stand, and they will ask you to wait for your number to be called again for payment.
  23. Make payment and they will give you a slip of paper asking you to return after 3 working days (date will be stamped) between 2.30pm to 4pm to collect your documents.
  24. Swee, get out, collect your card which you have swapped for the visitor pass and you are free to go. Just remember to return on the specified date to collect your documents (usually three working days later)!

When you return to MHC three working days later, you will receive MYRN-1 which will be needed for the registration of Singapore Citizenship at the ICA. Form K, which is the final approval letter, will only be ready for collection 8 months after renunciation. You may visit related posts (links below) for further information.

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Stay safe,
PinkOlifant (Updated as of 2020)

524 thoughts on “Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship

  1. Hi PinkOlifant,

    In your guide on item 11) about the Malaysia Citizenship Certificate, may I check is it the same as Birth Certificate? My dad was born before 31 August 1957 but he only has a Birth certificate. Appreciate your advice.
    Thank you.


    1. Unfortunately, Malaysia Citizenship Certificate is not the same as Birth Certificate.

      Your dad is renouncing his citizenship? You may want to email Consular department on this and seek their suggestion. (Email address in the post)


      1. Hi Michelle,
        I wrote to MHC, they replied by asking me to attached the relevant documents holding by my dad which was his birth certificate and Malaysia identity card, I guess that should be suffice as they did not ask for further supporting documents. You may email to them to enquire too.


  2. Hi PinkOlifant, Sally again 🙂 Sorry to trouble you again, I saw this message from Law , posted on 22/10/2020.

    “There is a long queue at Immigration section. Lesson learnt. Do not queue along with people who are renewing their passport. Turn Right”, there is a small consular section with shorter queue. Totally different entrance.”

    Does this mean the queue outside the gate to get the number to enter ? So just proceed to the right side to get queue number to get in ?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi hi Pink,
      Regarding Borang K…just fill in what you mention in red color pen right? The rest no need to fill in?

      Thank you,


        1. Thank you for ur reply =)
          And also, “Document to be submitted” to HCM, refer to “Note (V)”, there have stated Borang W, if do not have, do I need to prepare Parents’ document? Birth Certificate must be laminated before submission?


          1. If you’re born in Singapore and don’t have Borang W, as per stated in the required documents, yes photocopies of parents’ documents will be required. If you want to double check, email consular department (email address in the post).

            Yes, birth certificate to be laminated before submission. Actually this requirement is for our sake, you wouldn’t want your birth certificate to be torn upon return.


  3. c) ICA Letter of Approval:
    The one stating that you are at the FINAL stage.
    Original + 2 photocopies (although they only took one of mine…)

    Hi, may I check with you all if you all receive the original ICA Letter of Approval from the ICA by mail?
    Kindly advise if the original is a must. I requested to ICA and I was asked to print out from myICA. is that considered original also?


  4. Hi, would like to check for visiting high commission of Malaysia for submission, do I need to make appointment? Or by walk in ? Try to look for appointment but couldn’t locate it.
    Seek for your advise. Thank you.


      1. Based on their portal, we need to book appointment for consular service. Therefore I sent email to consular section for appointment last 2 days ago (borong K and birth cert collection), but their replied is no need for appointment. I go this week or next week.


      2. Based on their portal, we need to book appointment for consular service. Therefore I sent email to consular section for appointment last 2 days ago (borong K and birth cert collection), but their replied is no need for appointment. I will go this week or next week.


  5. Hi hi, can I check if they took in the original birthcert? I went today and they took original birthcert which i find it strange. They only me the spore blue ic after submit the forms. Pls advise. Thanks.


    1. Yes, original birth certificate will be taken by MHC on the day of renunciation.

      Your birth certificate will be returned to you when you collect your Final Renunciation Letter (~8months later).


      1. Hi PinkOli!,

        I wanted to know more about the Malaysian Birth Cert, one is the (Old – Original) the other on is an updated extract from the JPN, which one will they take and, which will be returned.
        Thank you!


        1. Hi Pinkolifant,

          I did my renunciation process in mid of July. Now already past 8 months , I still have not received any letter MHC to collect my birth certificate..

          Any idea I can check from which channel ?

          Thanks . Jo

          Sent from my iPhone



          1. Hi Joyce,

            You can email Malaysia High Commission (email address at the top of this post), informing them about the date of renunciation and enquiring about the date to collect your birth certificate.

            All the best,


  6. Hi, my appointment date with the MHC is in two months time which will exceeded the required citizenship registration (which is within 2 months from the letter date), anyone know it is matter? Need to inform ICA?


  7. Hi brothers & sisters, i still paying PTPTN loan until now, i am paying it every month. Will it affect my renunciation with MHC?


  8. Hi,

    Thank you for the useful information.

    Is it correct that I should only email (to make appointment to renounce the Malaysia citizenship) only after I received ICA Letter of Approval saying I am at final stage ?


  9. 11g) If you were born before 31 Aug 1957, will require your Malaysian Citizenship Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies.
    I do not have the Malaysian Citizenship Certificate. I did not apply at all. I was born in 1954


  10. Hi Pinkolifant

    May I know the Letter of Renunciation which one is to collect 3 working days later for submission to ICA during the registration of citizenship, is there a need to translate this letter from Malay to English? Please advise as I only have one day in between the collection of the Letter of Renunciation and the Registration of Citizenship. If necessary to translate, I will have to change my appointment soon as my collection is just next week. I would appreciate if you could let me know as soon as you read this comment. Many thanks.


  11. Noted with thanks pinkolifant. Been waiting for 2 more than months for this MHC appointment to happen. Finally, tomorrow is the submission for the renunciation. Thanks again.


  12. Hi All, when we laminate the birth cert, do we need to laminate into an A4 size or should we just follow the original size?


  13. Hi. I just obtained Final Stage letter from ICA. I would like to check, how can I get Borang K and MYRN1 form? Can I walk in to Malaysia High Comm to collect it? Thank you so much


    1. Hi WT Chia, you can’t walk in and obtain, they will only provide the original form to you on the day itself. However, you can print out the one I have uploaded, fill it up and bring there as reference. Nice day 🙂


      1. Hi PinkOlifant,
        Thanks so much for your prompt response. So on the appointment date, I will only bring my docs – Malaysia IC, SG NRIC, birth cert and cash? The forms are filled in on the spot?


    1. Dear A M,

      There is no strict guidelines for dress code. Found an article written by High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore:

      “Please take note that all visitors entering the High Commission of Malaysia should wear decent and proper attire/clothing.

      Visitors who are not decently and properly attired may not be allowed to enter the High Commission premises by the attending Security Guard (s).

      High Commission of Malaysia
      Singapore” (

      On the other hand, you may want to have a glance at what Embassy of the Philippines wrote on their official website:

      “Attire and Decorum

      Visitors are advised to come appropriately attired to the Embassy.

      Those in the following attire will be refused entry outright: exposed underwears; shirts/blouses that intentionally show the navel; pants/shorts with very low waistlines that reveal portions of private parts; and transparent shirts and pants that show undergarments.” (


  14. Hi PinkOlifant, very helpful post. A side question, can we still withdraw from our bank account in malaysia after i have renounce my citizenship?


    1. I don’t think bank account is linked to one’s citizenship. For example, a Singaporean can have a bank in overseas. So I don’t see why we can’t withdraw from a Malaysia bank account. However, it’s always good to update our banks about our information.


  15. I would like to check if anyone here has any experience sending birth cert from Malaysia to Singapore using courier?I have received my citizenship approval but my birth cert is with my parents in Malaysia and getting another copy of birth cert from Embassy is not possible. Thanks!


  16. Did anyone know do I need to show the person my email confirmation letter again again when I’m going to get the “borang K” from the counter ?


  17. After collect borang K from msia embassy Singapore, anyone know how to submit to KWSP withdraw Epf if we unable travel back to msia now due to pandemic?


    1. Hi Chang, may I know that how may months you waited to get the borang K ? Msia embassy send letter to inform about collection of borang K ? Thanks


    2. I know the withdrawal application can be done by mailing the relevant documents to KWSP but I have yet to do so. Anyone has the experience?


      1. hi Annie, I’ve done it by mailing the relevant documents to KWSP but it’s very slow. My application started on 11 May 2021. I’ve submitted
        1. Withdrawal Form
        2. Form K certified true copy by Public Notary
        3. SG IC certified true copy by Public Notary
        4. SG Passport certified true copy by Public Notary.

        They’ve also asked for three additional items to prove my identity:
        1. Marriage Cert or Driving License
        2. Birth Cert
        3. All of my Job’s History with their offer letters as a reference.(KWSP Lampiran A).

        And it’s September now, I haven’t any new replies from them. So far I’ve only received two emails all requesting more info.

        Can you talk about your experience?


  18. Hi all,
    Firstly want to say a big Thank you to all who have shared. It has been very helpful.
    Last week I just went to MY HighComm to submit my documents.
    All relevant info here is still good and accurate. a few updates to share.
    1.) MYRN1 form is slightly updated but essentially all items to be filled up still the same. Borang K still same.
    2.) Due covid, you would know by now that you need to get e appointment for MY highcomm. Dates are now pushing back close to 4-5months. So after getting ICA final stage letter, you will see now ICA gives you a window of 6 months to complete the process. (old info was 3 months)
    3.) My appointment was 9am-10am, and arriving there at 0730 was number 5 in queue. Note there are 2 lines, one for passport and one for consular services.
    4.) when gate open, guards want to see your e appointment letter with your name on it. follow signs for consular services once inside.
    5.) consular office only opens at 9am but an officer will come out at 0815 and start process
    – check your name on the list for appointments, pass you a MYRN1 and photostat copy of borang K, ask you to now go fill it up with black ink pen.
    – rejoin same queue, show him all your documents for checking, if all OK, he will now give you 2 original borang K. He will ask you to now do thumb print on BOTH the forms in the boxes. and then pls go fill up the original Borang K x2, copy the info as you have practiced n vetted by him.
    – please be extra careful as your hands may still have ink from thumbprint, saw a few unfortunate fellows who messed it up and asked for a new form.. NOT a good start!!!!
    – after fill up borang K x2, MYRN1 and all you ready documents, go inside consular aircon area and get a queue number. 2 copies of same number will be given, take both
    -after submit documents to officer, wait for number to be called again for payment.
    – payment is CASH only SGD10. he will give you a document collection slip in pink color.
    – come back in 3 working days to collect your acknowledgment slip 1430-1630.
    – after that can go ICA.
    – arrived there 0730, all done and exited by 0945.


  19. Hi, how long does it take from application of sg citizenship till getting the approval in principal? Anyone who recently got approval can share some info?



      1. Hi Ken, thanks for the prompt reply. Wanted to know as I know someone who got in principle approval within 6 months, but the approval was in jan 21. Just wondering if anyone recently got in principle approval, how long it takes from application?


  20. Hi. I am hoping to seek some advice from fellow Malaysians who have similar issue as me. Today when I went for my renunciation appt, I was told by high comm that they cannot complete my process because my name in birth cert is not the same as my msian ic. Birth cert is shorter form (English name and surname only) but msian ic is longer form with an @ (English name then surname @ surname then Chinese name). I was told to write in to JPN. Does anyone of you have similar issues as me? What did you do, is it to write in to JPN for their approval for the additional name in my msian ic?


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