Registration of Singapore Citizenship at ICA

Alright, after renunciation of my previous citizenship, and collecting the renunciation letter from Malaysia High Commission, I headed to Singapore ICA to register for Singapore Citizenship a few days later.

  1. Take new passport size photographs beforehand because they won’t accept the photographs you’ve submitted during application process.
    • Reason being, photos must be taken within the past three months.
    • Best to take it at a shop where they will ensure the photograph will be accepted by ICA.
  2. Scan your IC/Approval Letter at the entrance kiosk for a queue ticket.
  3. Wait for your turn near Room 19-25.
  4. Submit documents and photographs.
    • Renunciation Letter (all A4 papers which you received from Malaysia High Comission with two photocopies of them.)
    • Approval Letter from ICA
  5. Make payment of SGD80 via NETS.
  6. Wait for your queue number to be called again for oath taking.
  7. Once you are done with oath taking, you have basically completed the registration process.
  8. However, you are reminded to scan the Renunciation Approval Letter/Email (Borang K), which will be mailed to you from Malaysia, to ICA email. This step helps Singapore to ensure that your renunciation of previous citizenship is successful.
  9. You will then be permitted to apply for Singaporean passport one day later after oath-taking.
  10. Wait for letter/email to attend Citizenship Ceremony to collect your Singapore NRIC.

Done, you are ready to sing the Singapore national anthem now.
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