Updates [Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship]

Thank you everyone who has posted questions related to problems they face while renouncing Malaysian Citizenship, as well as getting their Singapore IC and certificate, during this COVID-19 period. And many thanks to all readers who actively tried to help one another out, your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience, I believe, will be greatly appreciated by all whom you have lent a helping hand.

After reading this post, I hope that you have a clearer picture of:
(1) How to collect Singapore NRIC
(2) How to obtain certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate
(3) How to collect Form K (final renunciation letter) & Birth Certificate

(1) Collection of Singapore Identity Card (NRIC)

Thank you one of the readers who updated me that she has emailed ICA to check on the collection of her NRIC. I followed her footsteps and emailed ICA (ICA_Citizenship_Unit@ica.gov.sg).

I received a reply a few days later saying that I have been granted permission* to enter ICA Building on a certain date to collect my NRIC while collection of Singapore Citizenship Certificate will be advised on a later date.

*Some readers received their NRIC via snail mail even before the general election.

The entire collection process took about 30 minutes. Asked about the Singapore Citizenship Certificate and they told me that it can only be collected during the ceremony which we will be informed on a later date.

(2) Certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate

For those who need a certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate for the collection of Form K (final renunciation letter) at MHC, you just have to write to ICA (ICA_Citizenship_Unit@ica.gov.sg) and request the soft copy of it via email. MHC does not require the original citizenship certificate.

(3) Collection of Form K (final renunciation letter) & Birth Certificate

I have received a letter stating that my application for renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship has been approved. Also, I have to personally go down to the Consular Section of MHC between 2.30pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday, to collect both Form ‘K’ and my birth certificate.

I have to bring along the following documents (Original and two photocopies each in A4 size paper):

i) Singapore IC or 11B Card (photocopy front and back of the document)
ii) Singapore Passport (bio-data page only)
iii) Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front & back of the document)
iv) Deed poll / Baptism (if name has been changed / if applicable)

Collection has to be done within three months from the date of the letter (booking of appointment is NOT needed).

For more details on the collection of Form K and Birth Certificate, please proceed to this post (https://pinkolifant.com/2020/09/24/collect-formk-bc/).

Stay safe,


59 thoughts on “Updates [Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship]

  1. I was at MHC on July 3rd to collect my MY-RN1 document and saw somebody holding the Singapore citizenship certificate photocopies at the Consular section, believe they have gotten their Singapore citizenship certificate recently. Fyi Pink Olifant.
    Pleased to inform I will be heading to ICA to formalize my Singapore citizenship next week.


    1. Hi Raymond,

      Thanks for informing. As per my previous renunciation post, some people do have the Singapore Citizenship Certificate when they renounce at the MHC. Think the sequence of getting various documents wasn’t the same for everyone 🤷


  2. Hi Pink, do you went to MHC only with your Singapore IC available? If MHC is ok to provide you back your borang K & birth certificate? Do you need to book appointment before heading down to MHC?


  3. Hi Pinkolifant,

    Did you collect your pink IC on 17 July? Do you get your Singapore Citizenship Certificate too?
    I just received a letter from Malaysia High Comm today, to collect my Form ‘K’. I submitted my application of renunciation on 20 Nov 2019. However, i need to bring along my pink IC & Singapore Citizenship Certificate to collect Form ‘K’…. and my citizenship ceremony was postponed since February 2020…

    I shall write to ICA after this…


    1. Hi Stefanie,

      I’ve collected my Singapore IC. Staff at ICA told me that Singapore Citizenship Certificate will be given to us during the citizenship ceremony which we will be notified on a later date.

      I’ve yet to try my luck at MHC to collect my Borang K. Will do so soon 🙂


      1. Thanks PinkOlifant!
        Hopefully we can collect our Form ‘K’ without Citizenship Certificate 😄
        All the best to all of us 😃

        Stay safe!


      2. Hi PinkOlifant,
        I wrote to High Commission Consular if I can collect my Borang K without citizenship certificate, below is their reply,

        “For those who are still holding temporary Singapore NRIC, please contact ICA Singapore and request for a certified copy of your Singapore NRIC and citizenship certificate.”

        Did you manage to get appointment slot for collecting your Borang K?


  4. Dear PinkOlifant,

    I’ve wrote to ICA and they;ve arranged for me to collect the Certified True Copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate on certain period. The collection of Singapore Citizenship Certificate will be advised at a later date. I’ll go and collect my Birth Cert and borang K before due date. Thanks.


      1. Hi PinkOlifant,
        I’ve just collected my original pink IC & original Singapore Citizenship Certificate from ICA this morning (less than 5 mins process). I was surprised to get the original as I requested for certified copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate.
        I’ve just written to MHC for appointment to collect Form ‘K’ again, didn’t realize that email notice to collect Form ‘K’ is only one month from the date of email…
        Stay Safe!


          1. Hi PinkOlifant,

            Great! I shall head to MHC soon!
            Thank you so much for your prompt reply & updates on renunciation matter.
            Stay Safe!


          2. Hi PinkOlifant,

            I’ve just collected my Borang ‘K’ this afternoon.
            Thank you for the platform for us to exchange information.
            Collection of Borang ‘K’ was like 5 min process, I was there around 330pm.
            Silly me went down twice as I forgot to print the back of the Singapore Citizenship certificate & got rejected yesterday,
            Do check all photocopied documents before heading to MHC!
            Thank you so much 🙂


            1. Hi PinkOlifant,

              The letter that mailed to my home address dated 17 July stated,
              “Please collect the Form K / Birth Certificate within three months from the date of this letter.”

              The email dated on 24 July stated,
              “Please come personally to collect your Form ‘K’ / Birth Certificate from Consular Section between 2.30pm to 4.00pm only, Monday to Friday within one(1) month fro the date of this email.”

              I guess I just follow the email date?


              1. Hi Stefanie, technically they cannot deny you from collecting within three months because it’s stated in a letter they mailed you. However, if you want to play safe, collect within one month from the date of the email.

                Something I wish to highlight:

                “within one month from the date” means you can collect from 24 July to 24 Aug.


                “within three months from the date” means you can collect from 17 July to 17 October.


              2. The letter dated 02 July 2020 mailed to my home address stated on point# 3. Please collect the the Form ‘K/Birth Certificate within three months from the date of this letter. So mine is within 02 July 2020 to 01 Oct 2020.


                1. Hi Kelly,

                  My letter dated 17 July 2020 didn’t mention about certified copy, when I wrote to Consular again to clarify if I can collect Form ‘K’ without Singapore Citizenship Certificate, then Consular sent me another email with below statement,

                  “For those who are still holding temporary Singapore NRIC, Please contact ICA Singapore and request for a certified copy of you Singapore NRIC and citizenship certificate.”

                  Therefore, I wrote to ICA again to request for the certified copy.


  5. Thanks PinkOlifant,

    Yeah I just got my latter from MHC for Borang K and Birth Cert collection, going to email ICA later. But how many certified true copy needed? and still need to book appointment for collection of Borang K and BirtCert?


      1. May I know the email address you wrote to for your Borang K queries? I emailed MHC and haven’t received a reply, so I’m not sure if I sent it to the right email address.


    1. Can I know when you renounce your M’sia Citizenship?
      I have done it on 17/12/2019… But I yet to receive any letter from MHC to collect Borang K & Birth Cert…


        1. Hi Pink, I have received letter from MHC! Thanks for your blog for all the guidance 🙂
          Now I shall write to ICA as to obtain a certified true copy of Singapore Citizenship Certificate.
          FYI, I received my IC that ICA mailed to me before the GE2020. So, I made my first vote here ^^.


        2. Hi pink, I’ve done mine back in oct 2019 also and have yet to receive any letter. I went to their website to look for the right email to write in to check my status but it says invalid email. Any idea what’s the correct email to write in to?


  6. Hey there,

    I am stuck in a HUGE- sticky pickle mess.

    So I actually got approved, went through the whole process of being a Singaporean, pledging in and everything just last year.

    However just received a letter from ICA yesterday stating I had no submitted my documents stating that I have completely divested my Malaysian citizenship. I immediately went to check on all my documents and realised – I NEVER RECEIVED THE APPROVED FORM ‘K’ – I am holding on to a fully approved MY-RN1 form that states that the National Registration Department, Putrajaya will be contacting me in 8 months of my date of submission (Oct 2018 btw) – I never heard from them. Anyone know how do I actually check up on my Form K?


  7. Hi,
    Are we still holding the Blue IC (PR) while waiting for the pink IC?

    I’m a bit worried because my son is sitting for O Level where he needs the Blue IC (ID same as the Entry Proof) to sit for the exam.



  8. My kids is below 21 years old.is it they also need to renunciation citizenship with me? But I already make appointment date for myself.


    1. I believe you will receive separate instructions for your children’s renunciation. Malaysia documents will be collected from them (e.g. passport). However, they need to keep their Malaysia IC for them to renounce officially at the age of 21.

      Bring along documents of your children during the appointment date, you should be able to renounce on behalf of them if they applied for Singapore Citizenship through your.


  9. Hi, does the photo have any special requirements like collared wear only? I heard they are strict with the photo as well. Thank you!


  10. Hi brothers & sisters, i still paying PTPTN loan until now, i am paying it every month. Will it affect my renunciation with MHC?


  11. Anyone submitted the application for renunciation of the citizenship at MHC recently? Do we still need to make an appointment to submit the application?


  12. Hi all, I have just completed the submission of Borang K and my birth at MHC. The next step is to collect a slip from MHC after 3 days. I wanted to check, is the slip that I am collecting, is it the same as Renunciation Letter that I can submit to ICA in order to complete my final stage at ICA?


      1. Hi Pinkolifant, thank you so much for your prompt response and for all the information on this site. Without this site, I think I’ll be lost and might need to make a few trips to High Comm. By following your guidance, I have successfully completed the Citizenship process! I just need to wait for the ceremony. Thanks again!

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Hi there, is anyone could share with me the process on EPF Withdrawal from Malaysia after we collecting Form K and Birth Certificate.

    For my understanding, one of the requirement is to submit a valid copy of Singapore passport showing the name and passport number clearly. But I haven’t get my Singapore passport due to Covid-19 couldn’t travel to overseas now.

    Is it a must to submit a valid copy of Singapore passport biodata page?
    Should I get CTC on biodata page as well as Form K?
    Is there a duration limitation to apply withdrawal after we collecting Form K and Birth Certificate?



    1. hi Joanne Sia and Vaughnzel,

      I hope I’m able to help you guys here: I’ve done it by mailing the relevant documents to KWSP but it’s very slow. My application started on 11 May 2021(reached KWSP). I’ve submitted these items:
      1. Withdrawal Form from KWSP.
      2. Form K certified true copy by Public Notary
      3. SG IC certified true copy by Public Notary
      4. SG Passport certified true copy by Public Notary.

      They’ve also asked for three additional items to prove my identity:
      1. Marriage Cert or Driving License
      2. Birth Cert
      3. All of my Job’s History with their offer letters as a reference.(KWSP Lampiran A).

      And it’s September now, I haven’t any new replies from them. So far I’ve only received two emails all requesting more info.

      Can you talk about your experience?

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Hello PINKOLIFANT ~,

    do you know how to withdraw EPF funds after the renunciation of Malaysia citizenshp? I heard that your Malaysian IC AND Malaysian Birth Certificate is needed to withdraw your EPF funds.. Do you happen to know how to withdraw EPF funds ?

    Hope to hear from you soon ! Thank you


    1. Dear vaughnzel,

      Reader chuafc2000 has given a reply that is related to your query, you may wish to take a look 🙂 [His comment is right above yours.]

      Very sorry, I did not have EPF, therefore, unable to render much help here.


  15. Hi all,

    May I know after the renunciation of Malaysian citizenship do we need to close all our bank accounts in Malaysia?

    How about the insurance policies?

    Will it be better for us to go to KWSP office personally for the withdrawal of our EPF? The withdrawal money will be credited into our Malaysia account or must be to our Singapore Account?

    Found the below link. Hope can help others who are having the same question.



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