悬日(田馥甄): English Translation

田馥甄 (Hebe Tien)
悬日 (Let it…)
作词 / Lyricist:葛大为 (David Ke)
作曲 / Composer:刘庭佐[知更] (Ting Tso Liu)
编曲 / Arranger: 柯宏升 (Keke Ke), 罗恩妮 (Annie Lo)
制作人 / Producer: 陈建骐 (Chen Chien Chi)

黄昏宣告著 今天已死亡
The setting Sun is announcing the death of today
淡去的光阴 是我的战场
Those fading memories are my war zones
We met again at a crowded night market
I like her
How compatible both of you are

是真的开心 不是在作假
I was truly happy, I wasnot faking
没有烟硝 互动健康
There was no fighting, what a healthy interaction we had
Thinking about taking out my phone
and showing you the photo of my partner
If you didn’t mind

落下 同一颗太阳
The setting of the same Sun
Is there anything special?
Aren’t you just like the Sun
Warm yet afar

Facing love, an impossible love
We should just let it…
Let it set like the evening Sun

She had purposely let her mind wander
Trying to give us some time
To say a few more words
I was making a fool of myself
演那出破绽百出的 心胸宽大
Trying to act as if I had let go of the past,
Deeply flawed, I know my acting was

Not forgetting to ridicule yourself
You claimed that you’d never been good enough yet there’s always someone
Who’s willing to care for you
Memories flashed across my mind again
Why couldn’t my heart be stronger

落下 同一颗太阳
The setting of the same Sun
Is there anything special?
Aren’t you just like that Sun
Warm yet afar

Facing love, an impossible love
We should just let it…
Let it set like the evening Sun
Let it set…
Let me let go of the past…
I have not let go…
I wish to let go…

Translated by PinkOlifant.


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11 things to do when you’re in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

How to Survive Long-Distance Relationship?

1. Love the person

  • Sometimes, that’s all you need. But other times…

2. Video call

  • Video calling sounds easy but it actually requires PLANNING: At the start both of you may wish to call whenever there is free time, when someone claims that he or she is free, the other will try to accommodate by pushing aside all urgent work just to call. In the long run, both of either one will end up piling work and eventually be frustrated.
  • Be honest with each other about workload: share google calendar and update each other about activities and events. You may even want to block off some hours for yourself!
  • Video calling apps: FaceTime is extremely clear but it drains battery quickly. / WhatsApp is decent but I hate the sound whenever the call disconnects, it’s so loud for no reason at all, we both can see that the call disconnected…/ Facebook may be blur but that the only issue! It has a function to take a screenshot just like FaceTime and whenever call disconnects, the sound is extremely soft. Highly recommended. / Skype would be good if both are doing work on computers.

3. Watch movies together

  • Netflix party: Download the google extension and enjoy movies or dramas together over the ocean(s)! However, do note that some movies may not be accessible in some countries, do check with each other beforehand!

4. Write letters

  • Letters can be on a regular basis like once a month or it can be a SURPRISE!
  • SURPRISE #1: Put photos, can be taken recently or old photos.
  • SURPRISE #2: Spray your perfume on the letter/postcard for your partner to smell “you”.
  • SURPRISE #3: Send a parcel of essentials! Even a packet of tissue may cheer lover apart, trust me.
  • SURPRISE #4: Order a gift box. My partner curated an Okimochi box for me and timed the delivery to be on our monthsary. The surprise is that none of us know what’s inside the box!

5. Send lovey text messages

  • Short pickup lines could be sent frequently
  • Long heartfelt messages could be sent occasionally
  • If you’ll be at work or in school, you could schedule your messages via Telegram to give your partner midday surprises!

6. Send photos

  • Surprise each other with photos once in a while, especially when video call can’t happen.
  • You can even send a photo you took a while back but your partner didn’t know. If it’s a beautiful photo, your partner will love it; if it’s a horrible photo, it’s a conversation tinder!

7. Fly over to meet each other

  • I sent an email confirmation of my flight to surprise her once 🙂

8. Sync each other’s calendar into smartphone

  • Knowing about upcoming events of each other improves communication. Would advise this to even couple who don’t suffer from the torture of long distance relationship.
  • With this calendar, you can even book video calling sessions!

9. Surprise gift(s)!

  • During one of our monthsaries, my girlfriend ordered an Okimochibox which was sent at a stipulated time requested. It was a mysterious box filled with gifts which even my girlfriend didn’t have a clue. She simply wrote down things I like and things she hope I could receive etc. Some gifts were unexpectedly customised for me!
  • I also ordered a gift box for her. It was flown from USA to Australia and the theme of the box was “Life’s a wave”. Items were customised based on the theme and because my girlfriend studied marine science, I chose a theme close to the ocean and she love all the items in it! Phew!

10. Plan for a trip.

  • No matter if it’s a year end trip or just a short trip to see each other, planning a future trip motivates both of us to work hard and sustain our lives till we see each other again. It could be google spreadsheet, Dropbox or any app which allows collaboration.

11. Play online game(s) together.

  • If you’re looking for a short game, would strongly recommend 8pool. This game doesn’t lag and if you’re not a pool person, you’ll learn how to play and be familiarised with the rules.
  • Another game that could build relationship is the SIMS. Making characters that look similar to each other, getting married and having a family in the virtual game may let both of you have a feel of the future life.

The list can go on and on with love. What about packing your luggage and move to the country he/she is in? May your love last forever.

P.S. I love you