11 things to do when you’re in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

How to Survive Long-Distance Relationship?

1. Love the person

  • Sometimes, that’s all you need. But other times…

2. Video call

  • Video calling sounds easy but it actually requires PLANNING: At the start both of you may wish to call whenever there is free time, when someone claims that he or she is free, the other will try to accommodate by pushing aside all urgent work just to call. In the long run, both of either one will end up piling work and eventually be frustrated.
  • Be honest with each other about workload: share google calendar and update each other about activities and events. You may even want to block off some hours for yourself!
  • Video calling apps: FaceTime is extremely clear but it drains battery quickly. / WhatsApp is decent but I hate the sound whenever the call disconnects, it’s so loud for no reason at all, we both can see that the call disconnected…/ Facebook may be blur but that the only issue! It has a function to take a screenshot just like FaceTime and whenever call disconnects, the sound is extremely soft. Highly recommended. / Skype would be good if both are doing work on computers.

3. Watch movies together

  • Netflix party: Download the google extension and enjoy movies or dramas together over the ocean(s)! However, do note that some movies may not be accessible in some countries, do check with each other beforehand!

4. Write letters

  • Letters can be on a regular basis like once a month or it can be a SURPRISE!
  • SURPRISE #1: Put photos, can be taken recently or old photos.
  • SURPRISE #2: Spray your perfume on the letter/postcard for your partner to smell “you”.
  • SURPRISE #3: Send a parcel of essentials! Even a packet of tissue may cheer lover apart, trust me.
  • SURPRISE #4: Order a gift box. My partner curated an Okimochi box for me and timed the delivery to be on our monthsary. The surprise is that none of us know what’s inside the box!

5. Send lovey text messages

  • Short pickup lines could be sent frequently
  • Long heartfelt messages could be sent occasionally
  • If you’ll be at work or in school, you could schedule your messages via Telegram to give your partner midday surprises!

6. Send photos

  • Surprise each other with photos once in a while, especially when video call can’t happen.
  • You can even send a photo you took a while back but your partner didn’t know. If it’s a beautiful photo, your partner will love it; if it’s a horrible photo, it’s a conversation tinder!

7. Fly over to meet each other

  • I sent an email confirmation of my flight to surprise her once 🙂

8. Sync each other’s calendar into smartphone

  • Knowing about upcoming events of each other improves communication. Would advise this to even couple who don’t suffer from the torture of long distance relationship.
  • With this calendar, you can even book video calling sessions!

9. Surprise gift(s)!

  • During one of our monthsaries, my girlfriend ordered an Okimochibox which was sent at a stipulated time requested. It was a mysterious box filled with gifts which even my girlfriend didn’t have a clue. She simply wrote down things I like and things she hope I could receive etc. Some gifts were unexpectedly customised for me!
  • I also ordered a gift box for her. It was flown from USA to Australia and the theme of the box was “Life’s a wave”. Items were customised based on the theme and because my girlfriend studied marine science, I chose a theme close to the ocean and she love all the items in it! Phew!

10. Plan for a trip.

  • No matter if it’s a year end trip or just a short trip to see each other, planning a future trip motivates both of us to work hard and sustain our lives till we see each other again. It could be google spreadsheet, Dropbox or any app which allows collaboration.

11. Play online game(s) together.

  • If you’re looking for a short game, would strongly recommend 8pool. This game doesn’t lag and if you’re not a pool person, you’ll learn how to play and be familiarised with the rules.
  • Another game that could build relationship is the SIMS. Making characters that look similar to each other, getting married and having a family in the virtual game may let both of you have a feel of the future life.

The list can go on and on with love. What about packing your luggage and move to the country he/she is in? May your love last forever.

P.S. I love you

Registration of Singapore Citizenship at ICA

Alright, after renunciation of my previous citizenship, and collecting the renunciation letter from Malaysia High Commission, I headed to Singapore ICA to register for Singapore Citizenship a few days later.

  1. Take new passport size photographs beforehand because they won’t accept the photographs you’ve submitted during application process.
    • Reason being, photos must be taken within the past three months.
    • Best to take it at a shop where they will ensure the photograph will be accepted by ICA.
  2. Scan your IC/Approval Letter at the entrance kiosk for a queue ticket.
  3. Wait for your turn near Room 19-25.
  4. Submit documents and photographs.
    • Renunciation Letter (all A4 papers which you received from Malaysia High Comission with two photocopies of them.)
    • Approval Letter from ICA
  5. Make payment of SGD80 via NETS.
  6. Wait for your queue number to be called again for oath taking.
  7. Once you are done with oath taking, you have basically completed the registration process.
  8. However, you are reminded to scan the Renunciation Approval Letter/Email (Borang K), which will be mailed to you from Malaysia, to ICA email. This step helps Singapore to ensure that your renunciation of previous citizenship is successful.
  9. You will then be permitted to apply for Singaporean passport one day later after oath-taking.
  10. Wait for letter/email to attend Citizenship Ceremony to collect your Singapore NRIC.

Done, you are ready to sing the Singapore national anthem now.
– – – – –

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Stay safe,

Renunciation of Malaysian Citizenship


Ha! Gonna expose my previous citizenship. Browsed through the web but many blog posts were outdated, so here you go.
– – – – –


Due to COVID-19, consular section is temporarily closed from 26 March 2020 till further notice. An appointment MUST be made before heading down.

[MHC Contact Info]

Contact number: 68876231/68876230

Email address: Consular@mhc.org.sg

(Thank you Reader Amy for the information!)


– – – – –
(The best way to read the following instructions? Numbers represent steps to be taken in order while alphabets represent the number of documents needed.)

  1. When you receive the ICA Approval Letter which states that you are at the Final Stage, you may continue to read.
  2. Before heading to the Malaysia High Commission, please read this document carefully (find forms here: https://www.kln.gov.my/web/sgp_singapore/forms):


    Documents to be submitted
  3. a) Borang K (Yellow Form / Form K):
    Borang K page 1
    Borang K
  4. IMG_1654
    Form K (first page) [translated]


    Form K (second page) [translated]
  5. Nearly fainted when I saw the Malay words, so here is the translated version to save your time! Print it out, fill up once at home so that you can bring down and copy on the spot. They won’t accept your printed copy because they have their YELLOW version of the form.
  6. b) Form (MYRN1):
    Print the first page will do, fill up once at home so that you can bring down and copy on the spot. The form that they gave me only had the first page. I guess they finally realise knowing so much about you is useless since you are no longer their citizen. They may update the form so your printed copy may once again not be accepted.
  7. c) ICA Letter of Approval:
    The one stating that you are at the FINAL stage.
    Original + 2 photocopies (although they only took one of mine…)
  8. d) Malaysian IC: Original + 2 photocopies
  9. e) Singapore IC: Original + 2 photocopies
  10. f) Birth Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies (If you were born in Singapore, please read “Documents to be submitted” carefully.)
  11. g) If you were born before 31 Aug 1957, will require your Malaysian Citizenship Certificate: Original + 2 photocopies
  12. h) Singapore Citizenship Certificate & Passport: Original + 2 photocopies (If you don’t have it’s perfectly fine because I didn’t too. Was so confused but I guess the order of application wasn’t the same for everyone.)
  13. i) Malaysian International Passport: Original
  14. j) THREE recent passport-size photos with white background: Would suggest just get this done at the ID photo booth located in the Malaysia High Commission. $8 for 4 photos. Well, this photograph will not appear in your IC or your passport, it’s alright even if you look terrible. [Photo-taking Service at MHC has temporarily ceased due to COVID-19 situation, please prepare your photos before heading to MHC for renunciation. (Updated as of 10 July 2020)]
  15. k) $10 cash for registration fee.
  16. Make your way to the Malaysia High Commission (Mon-Fri, 8.15am – 11.30am). It’s a long walk from even the nearest bus stop, might want to consider taking a grab ride over. If you want to save money, use Google Map. The nearest MRT station is Redhill. Take bus 32/64 over.
  17. At the guardhouse, use one of your cards with your NRIC/Name to exchange for a pass to enter.
  18. Go to Consular Section. There will be person sitting near the entrance where the whole world will ask him questions. Tell him you are renouncing your citizenship, he will pass you a fake Form K and Form MY-RN1. The fake Form K is to ensure that you have filled the blanks up correctly before they waste their precious YELLOW Form K on you. Remember to write everything in BLOCK LETTERS and with their BLACK PEN (actually it’s just a normal 0.7 black pen…maybe they are afraid you will use a 0.37 red pen so they provided plenty for you)
  19. After filling up whatever the person passed to you, show him/her and he will pass you two YELLOW Form K to fill up AGAIN.
  20. Once you are done filling up forms again, show the same person, he will ask for all your photocopies and clip them together. Next, he will ask you to take a queue ticket on your own.
  21. While waiting for your turn, you can pop over to the ID photo booth nearby to take your photo. Prepare your original Malaysia passport, IC and birth certificate too.
  22. When it is your turn, submit, stand, and they will ask you to wait for your number to be called again for payment.
  23. Make payment and they will give you a slip of paper asking you to return after 3 working days (date will be stamped) between 2.30pm to 4pm to collect your documents.
  24. Swee, get out, collect your card which you have swapped for the visitor pass and you are free to go. Just remember to return on the specified date to collect your documents (usually three working days later)!

When you return to MHC three working days later, you will receive MYRN-1 which will be needed for the registration of Singapore Citizenship at the ICA. Form K, which is the final approval letter, will only be ready for collection 8 months after renunciation. You may visit related posts (links below) for further information.

– – – – – – –
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Stay safe,
PinkOlifant (Updated as of 2020)

MINT (Museum of Toys)

Address: 26 Seah Street, Singapore 188382

Opening hours: 9.30am – 6.30pm

Alighted at City Hall MRT Station, followed Google Maps and reached MINT after about 10 min walk.

Ticket can be bought at level 1 (Adult: SGD16.05, inclusive of 7% GST). You’ll be given a Museum Guide and recommended to start from level 5.

In the lift.

MINT, which means perfect, as if new, curated 8500 toys for display since it’s opening in 2007. The entire museum is dim as light causes the colours of toys to fade. This actually made the museum feels pretty dingy, especially when I visited during the non-peak hours of a weekday. The eyes and sizes of toys looked enlarged haha.

Reason for the dim lighting.

Level 5: Outerspace

Level 4: Characters

Over hundred of smurfs!

Tin Tin and his dog.

Level 3: Childhood favourites

Bruce Lee.

Popeye walking up the stairs with me.

Level 2: Collectables


Always amazed by those who can strum guitar with left hand.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” -Chaplin

Level 1: MINT Shop

They say that a toy becomes unique once you own it.

soCash (Review)

[Updated: Oct 2019]

There’s a(n) new app in the App Store – soCash.

Here’s a rough summary of a user experience.


1. Upon downloading the app, you can choose to link it to your Facebook(/Google) account or simply provide your email address to sign up.

2. Upon signing up, you can choose either of the funds transfer options:
(a) DBS PayLah!
(b) DBS/POSB iBanking
(c) ICBC

Pretty much whatever you need to do before making your very first cash withdrawal.


1. Open the app and choose the amount you wish to withdraw. (Minimum $10 and maximum $500 $200)

2. Ensure your current location is accurate to find the nearest cashpoints. (Cashpoints listing would differ based on the amount of money you choose to withdraw. Some cashpoints require you to make a purchase* before you can withdraw money.)

3. Select cashpoint.

4. Confirm cashpoint (and make your way there).

5. Scan QR code on the soCash device (based on your number code) at the cashpoint.

5. Log in to DBS/POSB iBanking portal with your username and pin.

7. Receive the following SMS:
“Your FAST payment via iBanking for S$(amount you chose) to A/C No: XXXXXX1234 on 03/05/2018 is being processed. 12:39:39”

6. A code will appear and you just have to match it with the code that appeared on the little machine in the shop. E.g. 042

7. Once everything is processed and payment is successful, the soCash device will announce for the cashier to pass you your cash the cashier will pass you your cash.



1. The process of logging into the bank portal took too long, the cashier managed to clear two customers while I was waiting for my payment to be processed which may result in a certain extent of awkwardness for soCash users.
(Suggestion: to enable user to do a one-time log-in to bank portal and activate fingerprint to approve transaction thereafter.)
–> Users are allowed to log in their bank accounts before reaching the shop. At least, we can save the embarrassment of standing in front of the cashier.

2. The announcement of successful payment by the soCash device is a little too loud (and a little embarrassing) for both cashpoint assistant and soCash users.
(Suggestion: A simple loud “beep” may be sufficient.)
–> The device has finally kept quiet 🙂

3. The email to collect user experience upon using the app can be sent after they made their first transaction. (My first transaction was about 5 days after signing up as the nearest cashpoint was 1km away from me then.)

4. Perhaps my phone is getting old, the app hanged after cash withdrawal.
–> The app has become more user-friendly 🙂

1. Finally get to know the names of the shops I frequently walked past. (A by-product of using the app)

2. Having users to visiting the cashpoints may also help these shops to increase sales. This is how soCash attracts retailers to sign up as cashpoints.
–> And now that some shops require you to make a purchase in order to withdraw money, it’s definitely a boon than a bane to link up with soCash.

3. Great that I do not have to queue at the ATM. However, assuming that there are long queues at the ATMs only during peak hours, would these shops which serve as cashpoints have a much smaller crowd during peak hours? Would the crowd and long processing time discourage users from using the app to withdraw and just return to queuing in front of the ATMs? Guess as long as there are more cashpoints and a reduction in processing time, this app will still remain convenient and great.

4. Especially convenient and a life-saver if one cannot find an ATM nearby (provided that the nearest cashpoint is nearer than the nearest ATM).

5. They have recently (Oct 2019) brought new deals to users! Before withdrawing your cash, you can pick a deal among the many they have listed. Some examples are:
a) $15 off Agoda booking
b) 10% off Sephora if you are a new customer
c) $5 off GrabFood with $30 spent
d) and many more…(please read the T&Cs of each promotion carefully)
Personally think that this is a real good way of attracting new users and bringing back old customers 🙂